Not long ago, I was at a gathering along with some other folks. One of the other visitors commented that the family dog was interacting with me in a way this person found annoying (attention focused on me intently, initiating lots of physical contact, following me around). It seems the dog doesn’t behave in this irritating fashion with anyone else and why did I allow it instead of ignoring the dog so that he would just go lie down and ‘be good’. Without a second’s hesitation, I looked at the man and responded that every dog deserved to have at least one human with whom they could just be the dog that they are, even for just a few minutes every once in a while. The whole room looked over to see what would happen next (this is not a man who gets told to mind his own business, in so many words, very often). Apparently, my answer (and perhaps the tone of my voice) was sufficient to end the discussion of my interaction with the dog, with whom I went about playing and coddling as before.

So that’s the gist of this missive. Every dog deserves some time to just be dog. Time off from all the rules and restrictions. Time to get the zoomies and play with abandon. Time to give a favorite human a thorough microdermabrasion facial. Time to enjoy a luxurious back massage. Time to sprawl out on the floor and engage in some wrestling. Time to take a nap without any interruptions. Time to bark at squirrels and sniff around to read what’s been happening in their environment. I do not disagree, in order to keep our pubbays, guests, strangers, and ourselves safe, that we need to have rules and commands that are heeded at the proper times and places. That’s why we leash train our dogs, have introduction routines when people come to the door, etc., but they are, in fact, the dogs Mother Nature (and centuries, if not millennia, of animal husbandry) made them to be. Is not their very dogness what we love about them? Yes. It is. Dog on, my pubbays!

As always, with love,

Fairy Dog Mother

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