Happy Trails

Spoiler alert… there’s a happy ending to this story! A couple from Boston traveled all the way to southern Virginia to adopt two Walker Coonhounds, Molly and Mary, from a shelter. The dogs are two years old, quite possibly sisters, and strongly bonded. They’d been rescued as abused hunting dogs and were intact, emaciated, and heartworm positive. The couple, Marcia and Harry, rented a car to drive them home to Boston and stopped at the rest station in Woodbridge, Virginia when Molly got loose and ran down a ravine. The owners, devastated by this turn of events, eventually got in touch with local rescue groups, all of whom sprang into action. Molly was spotted a couple of times in the area between Route 1 and I-95 where she’d gotten loose that evening, and rescues were out in the evening and the following morning looking for her. As it turns out, less than a half mile as the crow flies from where she’d gotten loose, the guys at a towing company found her tangled by her leash in a fence, took her into the shop, fed, watered, and kept her safe until the vet clinic next door to them opened the next morning. I just had returned from driving around looking and inquiring after Molly to where Marcia, Harry, and Mary had spent the night at the rest area when they got the news that she’d been found and kept safe overnight. We rushed over to the vet and I got to see two dogs thrilled to be reunited and two humans overjoyed to have their new adoptee returned safely.

Can you even imagine traveling with your dog and losing her in a completely unfamiliar area? I am so proud of our community for coming together to support and assist these folks. Not only do Harry and Marcia have hearts of gold for taking in two at-risk dogs from a shelter, but they were committed to staying as long as they possibly could in the hopes she could be located. They were astounded by the speed and intensity of the supportive response they got from everyone. This is how we do things in NOVA. This is what community looks like. Bravo. Harry, Marcia, Molly, and Mary… live long and prosper. And… y’all come back, now!

4 thoughts on “Happy Trails

  1. So happy to hear it all ended well! It is heartwarming to hear of the outpouring of kindness and support to help the dogs and their special family!


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