Dog-Induced Dating

One of the best things about Pet Expos, like the recent one in Chantilly, VA is that you can see lots of dogs of every size, shape, and talent plus get as many pubbay kisses as you want. Another fun activity is watching the dogs and humans interact. Dogs will happily interact with some novel humans and dogs while entirely ignoring others. As one person commented to me, some seriously pet-crazy people come out of the woodwork for these events.

While strolling around, I came across two huskies obviously enjoying each other’s company. The female was on her back getting snuggles from a male puppy. Neither of them had any interest in what their respective humans might want; they were so lost in forging a bond. I’ve always noticed that dogs of the same breed are often attracted to one another. My huskies were exceptionally breed-centric. I was thinking about this as I asked the couple if the two dogs were mother and son. No, they’d just met and were already inseparable, responded the man and woman standing there watching their dogs befriending one another. Both humans were focused entirely on the dogs and barely looked up to answer my query. As we all stood there watching these two huskies lolling all over each other, I asked the two humans if they’d met. You could hear a pin drop as this attractive, young couple, startled by my question, gave each other a[n apparantly first] LONG look with bemused smiles on their faces. My job here is done. *wink*

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