What If?

Would that we all had friends and family to step up and take care of our pets should something happen to prevent us from coming home one day. What would happen if you were hospitalized? Is there someone who knows all of your dog’s medications and dosage schedule? Would someone be able to get in … More What If?

A Roll in the Grass

Ah, Spring. Every dog loves the sniffs of the awakening earth, so why not don that glorious scent with a luxurious roll in the cool grass? I love the comedic poses they strike while rubbing their dog bodies on the lawn. Their infectious happiness pours from their abounding joy. They are as done with teeping … More A Roll in the Grass

Dog-Induced Dating

One of the best things about Pet Expos, like the recent one in Chantilly, VA is that you can see lots of dogs of every size, shape, and talent plus get as many pubbay kisses as you want. Another fun activity is watching the dogs and humans interact. Dogs will happily interact with some novel … More Dog-Induced Dating

Happy Trails

Spoiler alert… there’s a happy ending to this story! A couple from Boston traveled all the way to southern Virginia to adopt two Walker Coonhounds, Molly and Mary, from a shelter. The dogs are two years old, quite possibly sisters, and strongly bonded. They’d been rescued as abused hunting dogs and were intact, emaciated, and … More Happy Trails